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Geomatics Services Manager - General

Posted: Sep 6, 2022
Closing Date: Sep 21, 2022
Job ID: Land Management

Job Description



The Geomatics Services Manager oversees the mapping and survey related services for the Blood Tribe Land Management Department, including the preparation of land use area plans, land descriptions, field investigations on survey activities and communicating and providing mapping and survey information as requested by various government, public and private agencies, other Blood Tribe departments and individuals.  In this regard, the Geomatics Services Manager is responsible for establishing and maintaining the Blood Tribe Integrated Geographic Information Systems (BTIGIS) and the Customer Relations Management System.




-            The Geomatics Services Manager reports directly to the Land Management Director.




  • Positions which generally report to the Geomatics Services Manager include:

Geographical Information Systems Technician I

Summer Students




  • Performs all duties and responsibilities in accordance with the Blood Tribe Administration Policies and Procedures and the Blood Tribe Land Management Department Policy Manual. 


  • Establishes and maintains the Blood Tribe Integrated Geographic Information System (BTIGIS), which is a computerized mapping system that integrates all data within the Land Management Database.


  • Ensures that information pertaining to Blood Tribe lands (200,000 acres of cultivated land, 160,000 acres of non-cultivated land, and 4,700 acres of timber) is gathered and documented in an accurate and timely fashion in order to support Tribal decision-making.


  • Liaises with all Blood Tribe departments and entities in order to be aware of plans that impact the land and advises them on issues related to and repercussions of any proposed development from Indigenous and Northern Affairs and Natural Resources Canada’s perspectives.


  • Designs and prepares plans for land use areas carried out by the Land Management Department.


  • Prepares information for presentation and/or demonstration to Blood Tribe Land Committee, Chief and Council and internal/external agencies as requested.


  • Ensures that all land descriptions and information pertaining to land is accurately documented in order to guarantee legal defensibility of information if required.


  • Attends technical support, staff and inter-departmental meetings as required in order to keep up to date on activities affecting Blood Tribe Lands.


  • Ensures that the Blood TribeIntegrated Geographic Information Systems (BTIGIS) and the Customer Relations Management Systemis developed and maintained to reflect the information needs of the Blood Tribe departments and entities, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, Natural Resources Canada and the Blood Tribe membership.


  • Supervises the collection and documentation of Blood Tribe spatial and demographic information.


  • Analyses existing base map data and recommends changes to data collection fields or methods in order to continually improve the information system.


  • Supervises the identification of land use areas, non-agricultural land use areas, parcel lots, natural reserves, road allowance land use areas, and recreational areas.


  • Corresponds and collaborates with outside agencies such as Epcor, ATCO Corporation, Enmax, Department of Highways and other agencies that may have an interest in the Blood Tribe lands.


  • Assists the Land Management Director with the negotiation of various agreements pertaining to training, funding and resource allocation.


  • Hires, disciplines and dismisses the Geographical Information Systems Technician I after consulting with the Land Management Director.


  • Ensures changes to job descriptions are reported to the Land Management Director and the Human Resource Director and ensures training for self and subordinates.


  • Appraises the performance of Geographical Information Systems Technician I on a regular basis and makes recommendations to the Land Management Director.


  • Assists the Land Management Director with the Annual Report for the Department as required.


  • Assists the Land Management Director with the Annual Budgets for the Department as required.





  • Must be able to operate AutoCAD-based computerized mapping systems, such as ARCVIEW.


-           Must have an excellent knowledge of mapping and blue-print reading.


  • Must be detail-oriented and analytic.


  • Must have supervisory experience and leadership skills.


-           Must be highly motivated and able to work independently.


-           Must possess a good understanding of surveying techniques, Global Positioning System (GPS) and procedures.


-           Must possess a good understanding of mathematical procedures and formulas.


  • Must be able to communicate and deal effectively with outside agencies and the general public.


  • Must be diplomatic when dealing with the public and government agency officials.


  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.


  • Must be highly motivated and able to work independently.


  • Must have a good understanding of Native Culture and Issues.


  • To be able to speak the Blackfoot language would be considered an asset.





  • Must have a bachelor’s degree in Geomatics and or Civil/Structural Engineering, Geography, Geotechnology, Geology, Land/Estate surveying, planning or building.
  • Must have 5 years experience in related field.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and a reliable mode of transportation


How to Apply

If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit a cover letter, resume, and copies of your credentials to:

       Blood Tribe Administration Human Resources

P.O. Box 60

Standoff AB, T0L 1Y0

Attention: Marlene Blood

OR APPLY ONLINE @ www.bloodtribehr.comand/or [email protected]

DEADLINE: September 21, 2022


Late and/or incomplete applications will not be accepted. Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. For more information, please email questions to [email protected] or call Marlene Blood @ (403) 737-8219.


The Blood Tribe’s COVID 19 Vaccination Policy requires all employees to be fully vaccinated. The successful candidate must be fully vaccinated and must provide Blood Tribe Human Resources with proof of vaccination. The Blood Tribe will provide reasonable accommodation if the successful candidate cannot be vaccinated due to grounds protected by human rights legislation




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