Blood Tribe Administration Human Resources strives for excellence in professional support, resources and services based on the foundation of Kainayssini. 

Our Vision is to encourage a healthy work environment built on trust, accountability and open communication to promote a motivated and committed workforce.

For more information, contact us at 737-8117.



Human Resource Director

Frank Scout:

Responsible for planning, organizing, directing, and evaluating operations of the Human Resource Department. Develops and implements HR programs including but not limited to employee relations, recruitment, training, compensation, and benefits. Also, responsible for developing and implementing BTA policy and procedures. 

Frank's vision is to foster a healthy work environment built on trust, accountability, and open communication, thus will promote a motivated and committed workforce. 


Records Officer

Tammy Weasel Moccasin:

Provides Administrative support to the Human Resource Director. Also responsible for maintaining an up-to-date filing system for all program areas( Employee files, Job descriptions,and Administration) as well manages file transfers to the ACCPAC Database. Tammy has held the position of Records Officer/Administrative Assistant for ten years but has served the Blood Tribe Administration for 27 years. 

Tammy’s vision to develop a centralized Records Management Department for the Blood Tribe Administration is near completion. 


Recruitment Officer

Marlene Blood:

Administers the recruitment processfrom the point of advertising Job vacancies up to and including the interview with a select panel to ensure the recruitment process is followed through fairly. Marlene has been with the Human Resource Department for 7 years but has served in various capacities with the Blood Tribe Administration for 9 years in both the Land Management and Capital Planning Departments.

Marlene's vision is to update the data base system to highlightspecialized skills of BTA employees.


Benefits Administrator